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Tests of pastel papers will come third in the order of progress and may not be considered until the later part of 2015.

Most pastel papers will be suitable for pastel pencil use, though the pencils usually work a more detailed style and this will look for the smoother finished papers.

From previous experience, I have found the non-paper surfaces to be excellent for pastel pencil use.  

These include

Clairfontaine’s Pastelmat  ( France) : a cork faced board which comes with a protective semi transparent top paper layer.

Hahnemuhle’s Pastelfix ( Germany) : again a cork powder surface bonded to a thinner card

Colourfix board and primers from Art Spectrum ( Australia ) : a grit surface permanently bonded to the card ( or in bottle as a primer for your own board surface).

Hermes industrial abrasive paper (Germany) :  Light buff coloured with a fine grit surface

Fisher 400 (UK) : a purpose made fine grit paper which takes a wet treatment without damage.

All these papers are a long way from the old pastel card of 10 years ago that had to be kept dry otherwise the surface would lift off.

I discovered this when trying to complete a pastel picture, ‘En Plein Air ‘ with hay fever.

Another, non grit surface you may like to try, is mount board.  I have completed satisfactory pictures using Daler Rowney Ingres finish mount board in cream.  I will include that in my testing

You have plenty of time to think about this question……

Do any of my readers have a favourite pastel surface for detailed work using pastel pencils?

Let me know, and I will try and incorporate as many as possible in the testing.




This topic is incomplete

The intention was to  have a broad ranging site with many useful topics.  

Unfortunately time pressures mean that several topics were started, but regrettably  have no planned date for completion at the moment.  This is one of those topics.